Policy on "Conflict Minerals"


What are "Conflict Minerals"?

Conflict minerals are tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold (3TG) - both in the form of ores and processed metals, while the countries covered by the rule are: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Congo, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Angola , Burundi and Tanzania.

What actions do we take?

We are aware of the conflicts existing in this part of the world and are actively taking action to determine which products and materials supplied by suppliers may contain minerals that create potential sources of conflict. For this purpose, we obtain information about their origin from our suppliers.

Our expectations towards suppliers.

We support initiatives aimed at limiting the scale of violence and violation of human rights, so we expect declarations from our suppliers confirming, that the materials provided do not come from conflict areas.

If we receive information that a given supplier does not meet these expectations, we will take appropriate action to resolve this situation or terminate cooperation with this supplier.