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Many answers can be found here: FAQ

If you want to inquire about the price or availability of a product – please register or login to the B2B platform

Many answers can be found here: FAQ.

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Ergom, as a socially responsible company, bases its sustainable development strategy on the following 4 areas:

  • Our employees,
  • Acting in accordance with ethics,
  • Taking care of nature,
  • Caring for the community.

Our employees

Ergom's employment policy is based on a long-standing belief that employing prospective people and investing in them brings the best results in the long term. That's why we look for talented people and offer them stable work based on market remuneration and an employment contract, as well as development. The effect of this policy are employees who have been working in the company for many years and low employee turnover.

At Ergom, we believe in employee innovation, we support and reward it. Each employee has the opportunity to submit an innovative application, which, after successful consideration and implementation, brings tangible benefits to the company and the employee personally.
Every year, as part of continuous development, we introduce new technologies, products and solutions, which is the result of implementing our mission.

Working at Ergom is associated with strict compliance with occupational Health and Safety rules. We make every effort to ensure that both work and, in the case of guests, staying on the company premises is safe.

Ergom ensures freedom of association for employees.

Acting in accordance with ethics

Our main value is responsibility, which means acting in accordance with the principles of law. This is expressed through Ergom's code of ethics, which defines honesty, fair play and healthy competition rules as the basis for the functioning of the company's employees in the market environment. The areas included in this code are: employees' obligations towards shareholders and business partners, the company's obligations towards employees and employees’ towards the company, conduct towards competitors, conduct towards the local community and the general public. Representatives of Ergom, acting in the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electrical Engineering (PIGE), were one of the first originators of the adoption of the Chamber's code of ethics, which is intended to disseminate the principles of fair play in the industry.

We respect employee rights in accordance with applicable Polish and European law. We require our business partners to comply with accepted international standards related to counteracting forced labor and the work of minors.

We are aware of existing conflicts and are actively taking steps to determine which products and materials supplied by Suppliers may contain minerals that pose potential sources of conflict. For this purpose, we obtain information about their origin from our Suppliers. The so-called conflict minerals are tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold (3TG) - both in the form of ores and processed metals, while the areas covered by the rule are defined as CAHRA, i.e. areas in a state of armed conflict or post-conflict unstable areas. The definition also covers areas with weak or non-existent governance and security, such as failed states, and widespread and systematic violations of international law, including human rights violations. The effects of our work are included in the CMRT reporting template, which we make available to clients upon request.
We also participate in the voluntary extended mineral reporting initiative regarding the sources of mica and cobalt, which is reflected in EMRT report, which we make available to clients upon request.

We support initiatives aimed at reducing the scale of violence and human rights violations, so we expect our Suppliers to declare that the delivered materials do not come from conflict areas. If we receive information that a given Supplier does not meet these expectations, we will take appropriate actions to resolve the situation or terminate cooperation with this Supplier.

The dialogue between the Management Board and employees is based on regular meetings and an open door policy.

Taking care of nature

Taking care of the environment pays off. Apart from the obvious fact that we live in this environment and its quality has a positive impact on our lives and those of our loved ones, it is also an element that we leave to subsequent generations. Taking care of the environment in the long term is important due to the costs and expectations of our customers. That is why we implement new technologies and processes aimed at reducing the consumption of raw materials and media, as well as the emitted pollutants and waste. Additionally, we promote solutions supporting efficiency on the market. In the environmental area, we comply with the adopted legal regulations, including periodic external audits.

Caring for the community

In terms of social responsibility, Ergom's activities focus on the following areas:

Employees - we make sure that our employees are employed on the basis of a stable contract and with fair remuneration created by the market environment. We provide them with optimal working conditions, development opportunities as far as possible, and a good working atmosphere.

Clients – our goal is to work with clients based on partnership principles and respect for dignity, including cultural diversity. We want to be the first choice for customers in our industry. We share specialist knowledge and experience with clients in the form of training and guides, and we take particular care to ensure that the technical information provided regarding our products and solutions is reliable and as accessible as possible.

Suppliers – we care for good relationships with suppliers based on high quality and competitive prices. We require our Suppliers to respect basic human rights, including those related to counteracting forced labor and the employment of minors. We also require that the raw materials or products supplied to us are not based on minerals from conflict zones.

Industry and social environment - our goal is to help educate future specialists in our industry, we actively participate in the "school project". Our activities focus on transferring knowledge to students of technical schools, sharing our experience and supporting schools in the area of tools and other products from our offer that are used during practical classes during learning. We also accept interns who, as part of internships, take their first steps in the profession and learn how the company operates from the inside. Our representatives cooperate in economic self-government organizations in order to develop good market practices, technical standards that care for the environment and efficiency, as well as inter-company cooperation within the framework of generally understood development. Wherever possible, we also support selected charities.