Privacy policy

ERGOM Z.A.E Sp z o.o., being an owner of this web portal as well as websites related to it, hereinafter referred to as ‘’service’’, for the sake of safety and privacy is implementing the following privacy policy.
The owner and the administrator of the service is:

ERGOM Z.A.E. Sp. z o.o, Nowe Sady 10 Str., 94-102 Łódź, Tax Identification Number: 726-01-29-071, National Business Registry Number: 473076927, KRS: 0000132427, Initial capital: 10.400.000 PLN registered by the District Court for Łódź-Śródmieście in Łódź, XX Commercial Department of KRS (National Court Register).

§ 1 Cookies type files

1. service and websites related to it do not gather automatically information about users, with the exception of the information directly included in the cookies.
2. Cookies are being a computer data, saved as text files, which are stored in a user terminal of the service. They facilitate a better use of websites and they usually contain information with the name of a website, from which they originate, time of their storage in a user terminal and their unique number.
3. ERGOM Z.A.E. Sp. z o.o, Nowe Sady 10 Str., 94-102 Łódź, Poland gains access to cookies while using them (placing them in a user terminal).
4. Cookies in the service and in a user terminal are used for a better and the most apt adaptation and optimization of the usage of the service sites according to preferences and comfort of a user. They are also used to gather anonymous statistics and their further analysis to learn how users use the service, so as to be able to improve the service on the basis of that data.
5. Thereby users of the service do not have to log in to every single subpage of the service (login session does not expire and stays maintained).
6. Limits of accepting and storing cookies can, to a great extent, lead an incorrect display or funcionality of the service.
7. More information about cookies and the ways of their storing, blocking and functionality on:

§ 2 Protection of personal data.

1. Every user can view sites of the service with no need to reveal their personal data.
2. According to the Act from 29 August 1997 on Protection of personal data (consolidated text of the Journal of Laws from 2002 No. 101, pos. 926, with further changes), we kindly inform that personal data of users using the service are gathered by Ergom.
3. Ergom, later called an Administrator of personal data of the service users, takes care of security of the revealed data, and especially protects them from the access of unauthorised persons, from unlawful data processing, prevents from the loss of data, their damage or destruction.
4. In order to prevent unauthorised persons from gaining and modifying personal data sent by the service users, the administrator provides encryption of connection with the server by the use of SSL certificate.
5. The aim of gathering and processing personal data is always clearly stated and presented to the user in the service. Without explicit consent of the users Ergom will not disclose the data to other subjects.
6. On the basis of the Art. 31 of the Act of Law from 29.08.1997 on Protection of personal data, Ergom can delegate processing of personal data in terms of electronic mail address to a third party, which is a mailing service provider on behalf of Ergom.
7. Personal data gathered by Ergom can be also made available to:
relevant national authorities on demand on the basis of applicable law, other persons and parties – in cases provided for by law.
8. User database is collected in two ways:
- they are voluntarily given by the user at the moment of filling in the enrollment form to a newsletter and installer club. The following data is being collected: name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, company name, contact data, company ID data (if the user’s will is to enclose that data).
- some of the data is automatically downloaded by Ergom server. Those are for instance: browser type, browser type, screen resolution, operating system, user geolocation, language of service browsing.
9. The data downloaded from the user is not replenished by data from other sources.
10. If users want to enroll to a newsletter, they have to provide their e-mail address and agree to receive commercial information within the meaning of Art.. 2 point 2 of the act of Law from 18.07.2002 on Provision of electronic services. The users provide their data and give their asset freely, however the lack of the asset prevents from sending a newsletter to a user.
11. The users can cancel in all times their asset to receive commercial information electronically via:
- sending an e-mail to:, informing about the cancellation,
- sending a letter to ERGOM’s address with the information about the cancellation.
12. ZAE Ergom is processing the data of the service users in order to:
- implement newsletter services (sending via e-mail information about a commercial offer, news, promotions and other information associated with the functioninig of Ergom or the service websites).
- enabling a user to log in to service,
- analysis of user’s behavior within the portal
- adjusting service sites to receiver’s preferences
13. The users have the right to inspect their personal data, which are stored by ZAE Ergom Sp. z o. o. , and to their updating or removal from the database.

§ 3. Final provisions

1. Ina case of questions regarding the privacy policy or in order to update or removal of the data please contact:
2. Ergom shall inform each time about the change of the privacy policy via e-mail provided in the process of registration or enrollment to a newsletter.
3. The above mentioned rules of the Privacy policy are subject to the Polish law.